Friday, May 12, 2023


Democrats blocked Hagerty’s legislation to preserve Title 42 for the fourth time yesterday.

With Title 42 set to expire tonight, United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today joined members of the Senate Republican Conference in a press conference at the U.S. Capitol to discuss the dangerous repercussions of the Biden Administration surrendering one of the last tools available to Border Patrol agents to combat the record-breaking border crisis. 


Senator Lankford, thank you for organizing this today. I appreciate it very much. And I want to welcome all of you to the next chapter in the horror story that is Joe Biden’s America. 

Joe Biden has decided that it’s best to cede control completely of our southern border to cartels—multi-billion-dollar criminal organizations that work in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party to flood fentanyl into our country to kill our youth. In fact, the number one killer of young Americans today between 18 and 45 years of age is overdose—most of it fentanyl coming across that southern border. 

This is the next chapter in Joe Biden’s America. The national security crisis that he has created here in America is, as my colleagues have said, ‘like nothing we’ve ever seen before.’ 

But it goes beyond our borders. I met with the president of Guatemala. He told me that he would like to tell me what the root cause of the problem is in his country. He said he’s lost all control of his southern border because there are now caravans of people moving through his country. He has no idea who they are. He’s lost control of his sovereignty as a nation because of what Joe Biden has done to invite people from all over the world to illegally enter our country.

Joe Biden is destabilizing the entirety of Latin America as a result of the policies that he’s adopted. It’s leading to deaths in my home state of Tennessee. It’s turning every town into a border town, and this chapter is going to turn out to be the worst chapter in America’s history if we allow it to continue. 

Republicans have solutions, but Democrats continue to block [them]. Yesterday, for the fourth time, I brought my legislation to the floor of the United States Senate to stop fentanyl border crossings—to modify Title 42—to make it permanent. And when drug smuggling is suspected, as it constantly is happening, our border agents would have the ability to turn people back. Democrats blocked it yet again last night. 

So, we’re about to witness another tragedy here in America, again, courtesy of President Joe Biden. Thank you.

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