Monday, March 06, 2023

201 Guns Stolen from Vehicles so far in 2023 in Nashville. Prevent your weapon from being used in a crime. Properly secure it.

This is not securing a gun in your vehicle.
 by Rod Williams, March 6, 2023 - According to a Metro Police press release today, so far this year, 201 guns have been stolen from vehicles in Nashville, 24 were taken from autos just last week. The total number of guns stolen this year in Davidson County is 257, which means that 78% of guns stolen so far in 2023 have been taken from automobiles.  

At the rate we are going, by the time the year ends, we will have had over 1200 guns stolen from vehicles, probably more. I don't have the data, but I think more guns are stolen from cars in good weather than bad.

If a kid takes a gun to school and shoots classmates or his teacher, the gun was probably a stolen gun, stolen from a law-abiding citizen.  If a 7-11 clerk and maybe a customer are shot by a thug in a robbery attempt, the gun used was probably a stolen gun, stolen from the car of a law-abiding citizens. 

So, what it is to be done.  First of all, law-abiding citizens need to stop arming thugs. Don't leave your gun in your car.  I think we need to do more than attempt to persuade law-abiding gun owners to be responsible gun owners, however.  We need a law making it a crime to not probably secure a gun. If one is going to have a gun in their car, I think there should be a requirement that the gun be secured in a gun safe, and the gun safe securely attached to the vehicle. 

Preventing Thefts of Firearms From Vehicles | Project ChildSafe from NSSF on Vimeo.

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