Sunday, February 12, 2023

Is TBI investigating Nashville DA's office? Allegations of monitoring employee's conversation w/o consent & employee working on Funk's campaign while on the clock.

To view the video, follow this link.
By: Phil Williams, NewsChannel 5, Feb 10, 2023 WTVF — For weeks, an on-going NewsChannel 5 investigation has raised questions about potential misconduct inside Nashville DA Glenn Funk's office.

... Citing the need "in certain, rare instances" to not comment to protect "the integrity of TBI's investigative process," a bureau spokesperson refused to say.

... "Our agency will fully review any information and evidence presented to us in accordance with state law. These reviews may or may not result in formal TBI investigations. For these reasons, and to preserve the overall integrity of our agency’s work, we are not able to provide information about our involvement in this matter."

... Beginning in November, our NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered a part-time employee who Funk had paid $75,000 a year with little evidence of the work he did for that money. In some cases, emails and his calendar did not match the timesheets he submitted. ...  In one case, a set of leave documents appeared to have been altered.

... More recently, our investigation uncovered evidence that listening devices were placed in areas around the DA's office where individuals' conversations could be monitored and recorded without consent. ... Funk's team has insisted it did nothing wrong. (Link)


Listening devices installed around Nashville DA's office, vendor confirms; DA defends practice.

 By: Phil Williams, NewsChannel 5, Feb 09, 2023 - District Attorney Glenn Funk's team installed listening devices in areas around the DA's office capable of picking up conversations of employees and visitors who are not warned about the audio monitoring, NewsChannel 5 has learned. ... Funk's team could be violating a law they are bound to enforce. ... president of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer (TACDL), Jonathan Cooper, called it a "betrayal of trust." ... Funk's team had refused to produce videos and audio requested by NewsChannel 5 Investigates from their security system 

...the company that installed the security system confirmed the existence of eavesdropping devices in areas of the downtown office building controlled by the DA's office — cameras equipped with microphones capable of picking up conversations — in the elevator lobbies outside DA offices as well as inside the office's main lobby. (For a lot more on this story, follow the Link)

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