Thursday, December 22, 2022

Volodymyr Zelensky addresses Congress. “Dear Americans… all those who value freedom and justice.”

by Rod Williams, Dec. 22, 2022- This is a moving speech. Zelensky explains that a Ukrainian victory is a victory for the free world.  The battle is not only for the future of Ukraine but for the future of the world.  Our common freedom is at stake. 

Volodymyr Zelensky is the Winston Churchill of our time.  Ukrainians are dying and suffering for the world with incredible bravery and resolve. We should resolve to be the arsenal of democracy and not abandon them. 

I am proud of President Biden and the Democrats and the American people for supporting Ukraine. The only hesitancy or opposition to supporting Ukraine is coming from a handful of Republicans and right-wing pundits. They disgust me.  I stand with Ukraine!

Zelensky spoke to the American soul

He reminded Americans that they are the shining light of liberty in a world of tyranny

by John Pietro, The Spectator, Dec, 22, 2022- When Volodymyr Zelensky entered the chamber to address Congress, the applause and cheers took on a particularly emotional character. It was not the stilted, forced applause that the president receives at the State of the Union; it was an affectionate show of admiration for a man who has come to embody the twenty-first century struggle for freedom.

Though delivered to Congress, the opening words of the Ukrainian president’s speech revealed his true audience: “Dear Americans… all those who value freedom and justice.” It was a speech for all of us. He pulled the dusty tarp off of America’s deepest identity as the shining light of liberty in a world of tyranny. He revitalized the American understanding that the Free World stands because of America’s strength and resolve; that without the United States, there is no Free World. And he conveyed the deepest sense of gratitude for the steadfast support of the American people. (read more)

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