Sunday, September 04, 2022

White-guilt libs scammed by BLM. Black Lives Matter leader accused of stealing $10M from organization.

by Rod Williams, Sept. 4, 2022- When the BLM riots erupted across the country, some of us watched in horror as random white people were pulled from cars and beaten, as courthouses and police stations and police cars were set on fire, as police were assassinated, and businesses were looted and buned.

Armchair libs excused the violence. They put BLM yard signs in their yard to show solidarity with the insurrectionist criminals and they opened their pocketbooks, giving millions to the BLM organization. 
Needless to say, not feeling any white guilt myself and believing in law and order, I was not among those who encouraged the mayhem by contributing to the BLM cause. I have close family who did.

From the very first there were signs the BLM outrage was used to scam liberals.  There is a long history libs being scammed by political activists and libs financing the people who would like to kill them and take their wealth. A good book on this topic is from 1970, Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers by Tom Wolfe. Not much has changed.

Now, the BLM scam is more fully coming to light. A large part of the money donated to BLM went to enrich the leaders of BLM.  A coalition of 26 Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapters has accused the organization’s foundation head, Shalomyah Bowers, of “unjust enrichment,” specifically the theft of $10 million in charitable contributions.

This is the part I like. Guess what Bowers's response is? He denies he engaged in financial misconduct and says that the BLM grassroots network is complicit in "systemic racism" in launching litigation against him. Systemic racism is the default explanation for every failure of the Black community and misdeed of Blacks. Fewer Black kids graduate high school? Systemic racism. Lower homeownership rates for Black Americans? Systemic racism?  More Blacks in prison? Systemic racism. Greater rates of poverty among Blacks? Systemic racism. More Blacks arrested for crime than Whites? Systemic racism. Fewer Black brain surgeons than White brain surgeons? Systemic racism.  A Black leader of a Black revolutionary group embezzles money and is sued for doing so? Systemic racism, of course.

I generally hate to see people scammed, although in this case, I am pleased. It couldn't happen to more deserving people for one thing.  And, secondly, I would rather see the leaders rip off the movement than use the funds to bus rioters from city to city to burn and kill.  I would rather see the money used to fund a luxurious lifestyle for a few leaders of the movement rather than see the money used to bail rioters out of jail. For more on the topic see link, link, and link.

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