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The enemies of Michelle Foreman, candidate for Davidson County’s 59th

Hattie Bryant
by Hattie Bryant, Aug 3,2022-  The enemies of Michelle Foreman, candidate for Davidson County’s 59th State House District are channeling the far left.  We all saw with our own eyes a drug addict criminal caught by police who sadly died during the arrest process turned into the hero of all time.  Candace Owens said it when she asked the left, “Why turn this black man into a hero?  Black kids need real heroes.”

When with our own eyes we see a man who says he’s a woman, we are told that just because he says so we must agree. 

You see this with your own eyes.  Where does it say that Scott Golden, Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party is endorsing Michelle Foreman?

The enemies of Michelle Foreman found a way to make Scott Golden say he doesn’t endorse Republican candidates in a contested primary.  So, the enemies of Michelle Foreman forced him to say what he didn’t say in this piece.

Gail Forsythe, Amy Dudley, and Mary Obersteadt have unleashed a steady drumbeat of lies about Michelle.  All four women are members of Nashville Republican Women.  Mary and Amy were officers just last year.   

To keep this simple I will provide just one of many posts created by these women. In jumping on the above mailer to give her something to write about you see Amy calling Michelle a liar.

The mailer above has Michelle’s endorsements in the blue section. There is no lie in this piece.  Men might be leaning back and laughing at this girl catfight; don’t feel guilty as I am laughing too at the silliness except that it hurts my candidate.

Now you see in the screenshot to the left, Amy calling Michelle a liar in print. Next, I receive an email from Gail repeating Amy’s post.   

If their candidate, Wyatt Rampy, had ever worked for the Republican Party or ever worked for any candidate or conservative causes, he too could have been praised by Scott Golden - but he didn't. And now, his groupies, aka the enemies of Michelle Foreman, are apparently upset that Michelle can and is using former praise for her work--because she earned it. 

Gail Forsythe, Amy Dudley and Mary Obersteadt are bullies, and this is not the first time I have called them out.   If you are curious about the source of their bitterness and vitriol, please read these articles.

Has Sharon Ford been caught with her hand in the cookie jar? Understanding the drama at TRA.

Who is Accusing a Prominent Conservative Radio Host of Corruption?

Here's the truth about Michelle: Michelle Foreman State House 59.

Volunteers for Michelle, which include me, have been told by her not to say anything negative about anyone—especially her opponent.  It’s hard when the opponent is praising the work of his groupies. So much for Mr. Rampy’s judgment.  (Insert eye-roll here.) 

Michelle Foreman is the PROVEN Republican on the ballot for State House in Davidson County’s 59.  And she has earned these endorsements because they know her: 

  • Fraternal Order of the Police, 
  • Americans for Prosperity, 
  • Tennessee Right to Life, 
  • Tennessee Republican Assembly, 
  • The Tennessee Conservative and 
  • Craig Huey’s Voter Guide of Tennessee.

Hattie Bryant is the District 19 Chair of the Davidson County Republican Party.  Learn more about her at

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