Thursday, June 23, 2022

Metro Council passes $3B budget. 12.7% increase over FY2022 budget. Robs Rainy Day Fund for one-time bonus to MNPS support staff. New funding for Homeless services. City living "beyond our means."..

 Metro Council passes $3B budget. 

by STEPHEN ELLIOTT, Nashville Post, JUN 22, 2022 -  The Metro Council on Tuesday voted 31-3 to pass its version of Mayor John Cooper’s budget proposal for the fiscal year beginning July 1. The $2.95 billion funding plan includes some amendments t ... $200,000 study of needs at Nissan Stadium ... strip some funding from the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce ...  new housing planner. ...  to fill hundreds of vacant positions in emergency services and development-related departments ... boosting pay for Metro Schools and other Metro employees. (read more)


Nashville created a standalone Office of Homeless Services with a unanimous vote Tuesday night. Homeless services Metro's Homelessness Impact Division is currently housed within Metro Social Services. (read more)


For a good understanding of where the money comes from and where it goes see Citizens' Guide to the Metro Budget.


Metro Council passes $3B operating budget, includes bonus for school support staff

By Vivian Jones, Main Street Nashville, Jun 21, 2022 Updated Jun 22, 2022 - ... Of the $2.95 billion total budget, roughly $1.1 billion will go to Metro Schools — the largest funding allocation in the district’s history. ... The council approved a proposal by council member Delishia Porterfield to allocate $5 million from Metro’s Fund Balance — the rainy day fund — to provide one-time bonus payments for MNPS support staff. ... Mendes said. “If you toss this $5 million on top of it, we are absolutely making the choice to live beyond our means, betting that revenue is going to outperform what the budget is. This isn’t fiscally prudent.” (read more)


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