Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Heritage Foundation Is Wrong on Ukraine

 Its emerging populism undermines American interests and its own achievements.

by David French, The Dispatch, May 17 - I want to start today with the good news. On Monday the Senate voted on an overwhelming bipartisan basis, 81-11, to advance a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. The vote came days after the House passed the package by a similar bipartisan majority, 368-57. The United States is still pouring resources into the fight against Russia, and it’s still largely united behind the Ukrainian people.

But there’s bad news. Resistance against Ukraine aid is growing on the right, and the center of right-wing resistance is no longer Tucker Carlson but one of the most powerful think tanks in Washington, the Heritage Foundation. 

Heritage’s opposition would be troubling enough on the merits, but compounding the problem, Heritage (a think tank, remember) has abandoned careful analysis in support of cheap, easily rebutted MAGA talking points. It’s sad to see.

Rod's Comment: I agree. I have been a supporter of The Heritage Foundation for decades. At one time they were a scholarly rational think tank advancing conservative principles and engaging in thoughtful policy analysis. They were comparable to American Enterprise Institute, Cato, The Hoover Institute, or the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  Now, however, they have joined the ranks of the Trumpanista populist where emoting is more important than thinking. Worse still is they have become Putin apologists and advocates of Russian appeasement. I am not sure if I am currently a member or not. Most years I renew my membership automatically without giving it any thought. They have been one of the organizations that I always support. Not anymore. They no longer represent me or the views I support.  It is sad to see Fox News, The American Conservative Union, and organizations like Heritage and other formerly conservative organizations abandon principles and become comfortable with authoritarianism and foreign policy appeasement. Unless Heritage does a course correction, they have seen their last dime from me. 

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