Tuesday, February 22, 2022

You can't make this stuff up. White supremacist supervisors at the Metro Arts Commission committed "microaggression", "tokenized" people of color, applied "disproportional scrutiny" of minorities.

by Rod Williams, Feb. 20, 2022- What is a "microaggression?" It is a subtle form of unintentional slight, according to some definitions.  So, I guess if I say "good morning," to one person and not to another as I enter my place of work, I have committed a "microaggression."  If I hold open a door for a female colleague and not for a male colleague, then I have committed two offenses: sexual harassment against the female and microaggression against the male. Wow, life is complicated!

Microaggression is only one of the offenses the white supremacists at the Metro Arts Commission have been committing. They have also been guilty of tokenism, exclusion, false accusations, cultural insensitivity, and undue skepticism.  Do you think maybe some people just have a chip on their shoulder and maybe are a little too sensitive?

A lengthy fact-finding report by Metro HR staffers found “no violation by leadership of any rules, policies, or laws.” This has not ended the controversy, however. Councilmember Sharon Hunt continues to stir the pot and some members of the Art's Commission wanted to bring in a third-party diversity, equity and inclusion professional to fix the problems at the organization and at a Feb. 4th meeting of the Commission, they voted to do so.

You can read more about this controversy at this link, and this link

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