Wednesday, February 09, 2022

The World lost a True Friend this past Friday, Feb 4th. Rest in Peace, Tim Skow.

Tim Skow
by Councilman Robert Swope, reposted from Facebook, Feb. 7, 2022 - Tim Skow was my Friend.  He was also the Friend of Life, Liberty, Politics, Baseball, Ladies, and above all else, his Mother Ann.

Tim passed early Friday morning accidentally, and completely unexpectedly.   

While I could literally write a novel about my dearest friend, and the profound feeling of loss that has now set upon me, this is not the medium that he, nor I, preferred for sharing such unmasked emotions.   I will say that Tim Skow DID change the world in his unique way.   He connected people and things into a network of love, humanity and focus that will forever be remembered by the thousands of souls he encountered.  

Please join me, and Tim's Family & Friends for a Celebration of Life this coming Saturday, February 12th, at 3pm.   You are invited to gather at the Franklin Elks Lodge #72 (485 Oak Meadow Drive, Franklin TN 37064) to Celebrate the extraordinary life of Tim Skow.

For those who have been members of First Tuesday, the baby that Tim has raised and loved for over a decade, YES we will be continuing our monthly meetings.   Join us for lunch on Thursday, February 10 for a program that Tim was enormously proud of putting together.   For tickets, please visit

As both Tim and I were raised.... we always believed that the show will go on.

My heart hurts.... and my ears are waiting for the phone to ring and Tim to ask "Hey....tell me something good!"

Tim Skow WAS "Something Good".   His love of the world and all people within it was contagious and beautiful.  He made you smile.

I miss my Friend.

Rod's comment: This tribute reflects my sentiment too.  Tim Skow was a good friend.  He was someone I liked.  He was someone who it made me happy just to be around.  It made me happy to hear from him.  And, he was a good man.  He loved liberty and loved his country. He was a warrior in the battle for ideas. He was not only a proponent of the right ideas but a tactician for winning the battle of ideas.  His opinions were valued.  Everyone seemed to know Tim, and it seems everyone who knew him, liked him. 

I was in the hospital recovering from a surgery when I open Facebook and saw the announcement that Tim had passed. I could not believe it. It did not seem possible.  It did not seem real. Tim was one of those personalities that filled a room.  He was bigger than life. 

He will be missed.  Go rest high on that mountain.

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