Wednesday, December 29, 2021

At least President Biden didn't revive Pajama Boy.

by Rod Williams, Dec. 27, 2021- Say what you want to about Joe Biden, and there is plenty bad to say,
but at least he did not bring out pajama boy to ruin your holiday.  Remember pajama boy?  

As if we were not polarized enough already, in 2013 President Obama introduced pajama boy who, on Christmas mourning, was supposed to educate his ignorant backward parents on the virtues of socialized medicine.

It is hard enough these days to have a family get-together and avoid the landmines of politics without the president of the United States inciting family squabbles.  One must be careful in even talking sports or the weather.  Don't talk cars, for sure.

The Biden Administration is sometimes called Obama's third term.  Well, as a person, I don't think Biden is as bad as Obama. President Biden could have brought out pajama boy as a model for educating your dumb Republican uncle on the advantages of Build Back Better.  He didn't.  Biden may be bad, but he could be worst.  He is just wrong and has some cognitive ability issues but he is not evil. Obama set out to ruin your holiday and cause family conflict; Biden didn't.  

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