Sunday, November 28, 2021

6 family members shot, 2 fatally, in shooting at apartment in West Nashville. But were they Black?

by Rod Williams-  This story of a murder in West Nashville is all over the news.  I have read it from several sources.  We know the names of the parties involved, we know their ages, we know the gender, we know where it occurred,  and we know the motive was most likely robbery. We can see a picture of the apartment where the shooting occurred. We know one of the dead is one of the intruders who was a convicted robber. What we do not know is the race or ethnicity of the parties involved.  

They do not have Spanish surnames. First names are "Christian Akail," "Zacquez," and "Tavarius."  That sounds sort of Black. 

Maybe it would even help solve the crime if people knew the race of the people involved. Am I the only one who would like to know that fact?  

I assume race or ethnicity is not reported, because of political correctness.  We do not want to stigmatize minorities.  We do not seem to mind stigmatizing men.  Why is gender freely reported but not race or ethnicity? If the motive for not reporting race is to cause people to not think of minorities as more criminally inclined than the majority, it is not working.  When I see a story like this, my default assumption is that it is an incident of Black on Black crime.  I wonder how many other people make the same assumption. Lack of knowing the race of the parties involved may cause people to assume more crime is committed by Blacks than there is in reality. 

To read more about this tragic shooting, see link, link, link

Below is the Metro press release.

Investigation Continuing into Friday Night's Fatal Gunfire Inside Torbett Street Home

November 27, 2021, - Homicide Unit detectives are continuing in their efforts to establish the motive behind Friday’s 9:45 p.m. gunfire inside 2815-B Torbett Street that left six members of the same family shot, two of them fatally. A 29-year-old man believed to be one of the two suspects who entered the home was also shot to death.

The two brothers killed are identified as Zacquez Sherrell, 18, and Tavarius Sherrell, 15. Wounded were their 40-year-old mother, two of their sisters, ages 16 & 20, and their 13-year-old brother. They are all expected to recover.

The 29-year-old deceased suspect is identified as Christian Akail Johnson of Nashville, a convicted robber. According to the victims, Johnson and another individual entered the residence armed. Robbery is among the motives being considered for the gunfire. Three guns were recovered from inside the residence. It appears the suspects gained entry after knocking on the front door. The series of events following their entry remains under investigation.

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