Tuesday, October 26, 2021

NES to automatically take your pocket change unless you opt-out.

by Rod Williams - Starting in January of 2022, NES is going to automatically round up your bill to the nearest dollar amount, the extra money going to fund a program that provides energy-efficient upgrades for low-income people. You might agree with the goal of this program, but automatically enrolling everyone in the program unless they take the time and effort to opt-out is extremely offensive to me.  I am a charitable person and give money to various charities and causes.  However, I might prefer to give to the Nashville Rescue Mission or Alzheimer's research, or Habitat for Humanity, or any number of other charities rather than this one. There are thousands of worthy causes wanting my charitable dollars.

Making the program automatic, unless you opt-out is very close to theft, the way I view it.  State law allows this.  I think the law should be changed to prohibit it.

To opt-out log into your NES account online at NESPower.com and switch the Power of Change toggle button to “off.” Customers may also call Customer Relations at (615) 736-6900 and follow the prompts to opt-out through their account.

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