Sunday, October 17, 2021

15 "Men," mostly Hispanic and other minority men, Charged in Undercover Sex Trafficking Operation

by Rod Williams - A two-day undercover operation on Wednesday and Thursday by MNPD Human Trafficking detectives, with the assistance of the TBI and Homeland Security Investigations resulted in 15 men being charged with trafficking for a commercial sex act: 

  • Charence Smith, 49, of Clarksville; 
  • Arthur Burnett, 51, of Clarksville; 
  • Kendall Kendrick, 28, of Nashville; 
  • Jumapili Lumumba, 29, of Nashville; 
  • Gabriel Soto Adame, 33, of Nashville; 
  • Aroldo Garcia, 25, of Nashville; 
  • Marqueze Parrish, 20, of Nashville; 
  • William Moore, 55, of Nashville; 
  • Antwan Davis, 21, of Nashville; 
  • Uchenna Ugwu, 37, of Nashville; 
  • Minor Gabriel Perez, 22, of Lebanon; 
  • James White, 57, of Greenbrier; 
  • Alex Patel, 20, of Nashville; 
  • Luis Antonio Lopez, 45, of Nashville; 
  • Johnny Ardon Gozales, 38, of Sevierville. 
The men responded to a Nashville hotel in response to internet ads posted by undercover officers who portrayed themselves as 16-year-old females.

The above is from a Metro press release.  Government agencies nor the news media will tell you the race, nor ethnicity, nor nationality, nor immigration status of the arrested.  I guess is it considered racist
or prejudiced to even wonder about such a thing.  I think, however, inquiring minds would like to know. I always would like to know that when I read a story like this.  I like it when the press posts the mug shot of the arrested. 

Antwan Davis
Based on names I am assuming that six of the men are Hispanic, two are of Indian or Pakistani nationality and one is African. There is no way to know the immigration status, so everyone can make their own assumptions in the absence of that information. There is no way to know the race of the men involved.  I am assuming "Antwan" is Black. "Charence" maybe Black also.  I don't see any other obviously Afrocentric names in the mix, so I am assuming the other three are white Americans.

Thankfully the press release did tell us that "men" were charged, not just "persons."  I keep expecting political correctness to make it improper to tell us the gender of the people involved. I am surprised we are not there yet. To even wonder as to the gender, is that not sexist? 

Update:  WKRN News 2 has posted the mug shots. You can see them at this link

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