Thursday, September 23, 2021

Update: LGBTQ pride float sparks controversy at Williamson Co. school board meeting

by Anika Exum, The Tennessean ....Williamson County organizations are defending a group of teens after a local conservative group slammed their Pride float following a homecoming parade.  The local chapter of Moms for Liberty posted a photo and video of the group's float and members who walked the route. In the caption, the group claimed the float featured "two girls kissing" and "groping," and accused the group of "encouraging bisexuality" by handing out National Bi Week awareness flyers.....In an email to members, Moms for Liberty wrote that public displays of affection are a violation of the high school's student handbook, which states: "Students should not, under any circumstances, show affection to one another that creates a scene or draws undue attention to them. This behavior creates a poor image of the school and of the student body." 

FRANKLIN, TN (WSMV) - A LGBTQ  pride group at Independence High School in Thompson’s Station is now the center of controversy after a video from the homecoming parade was posted on social media. ... The Twitter video shows the moment two students kiss on a parade float. That moment sparked backlash at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting. ... The video, posted by Mom’s for Liberty Williamson County, said students on the float were “kissing and groping” in front of younger kids. ...  Others at the meeting defend Indy Pride, ...  “It was a quick peck ...  “Making out and French kissing on top of a float in front of our children from kindergarten to sixth grade, eighth grade, is uncalled for,” .. Mom’s for Liberty calls out Indy Pride for passing out what they call “recruitment” cards. 

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  1. 'Moms for Liberty' needs a product warning that the only liberty they seek is their right to inpose their discount Taliban views on everyone else. The only reason they worry about gays is too many of their political heroes are divorced so they can't worry about divorce harming the family.