Sunday, October 25, 2020

I think this election will be razor-thin.

Rebecca Ann Burke
By Rebecca Ann Burke - I think this election will be razor-thin. 

The amount of money Liberal millionaires and billionaires have dumped in this race is overwhelming. It is true that money alone does not win a race, but it turns the heads of the undecided voters when they see commercial after commercial shouting the deficiencies of the Trump administration. 

Clinton was a very unlikeable personality, even for Democrats. That played into Trump's hands. Biden is bumbling and probably a crook, but he is not the personality that Clinton is and was. Voters want someone to blame and hold accountable for the Chinese Virus. Doesn't matter that the entire world was shut-down and infected. They feel we are better, it should not happen here. 

If I were President Trump, every time there was a mispronouncement from the "scientists" including Fauci, heads would roll. There is time to do that. I would identify those who let the national strategic stockpile empty without efforts to restock it. Congress has to appropriate the money for it, but people had to send out the alarms, and didn't until it was too late. I would identify a handful and make a public announcement that the President wants accountability and he can no longer put his faith in them, they are terminated. 

I would demote Fauci and make it public. Only the Left really likes him. How can you like someone who led us wrongly, made early pronouncements that were NOT based in science at all. President Trump has to say, I depended on our scientists, they advised me wrongly and I informed the American people of our plan based on their faulty hunches. There has to be accountability. We have scientists who have made careers out of studying viruses with no cures or vaccines after decades. That is no longer acceptable. We need hustlers in charge, those who understand that science AND precision AND rapid response are all equally important. I would demote Fauci, saying that posing for Vanity Fair and throwing out a baseball like a rock star in the middle of the pandemic is unacceptable behavior for someone on whom thousands of lives depended. I am demoting him and placing xyz in charge.

I would, in ten days time, roll out this new health care plan the Republicans claim to have. They misled us up until 2018, and that's why we lost the U.S. House. Paul Ryan led that debacle, claiming if only they had control they would roll out a new plan. It never happened and they had seven years to prepare. I would roll one out NOW and name it the Trump Plan. If we lose, let them steal from the Plan, we still have ownership of solving that problem. When they screw it up, we retake the Oval Office in four years. 

On social justice, I would seal the history books on the President's accomplishments here. I would have the staff identify scores of individuals who SHOULD have their sentences commuted, or early release or pardons given. I would have a group of individuals granted those by Executive Order of the President, every day from now until January. 

Finally, we have unfinished business with the "Dreamers." This is a topic that many Republicans are soft on. I use my 94-year-old, very conservative, life-long Republican father as a barometer of sentiment. He feels it is wrong to deny a path to citizenship for those who were brought here as infants or young children, illegally, by parents illegally entering the country. The President has spoken sympathetically about them, using the granting of a path to citizenship as a bargaining chip for full-scale immigration reform. He never got the reform out of this feckless Congress. It is in the best interest of the Republican Party, that WE be the party that rights that wrong of the Obama years. I would immediately get a proposed Executive Order written with the necessary conditions and issue it now, granting Dreamers, a path to citizenship. I have had them in my classes. They know nothing other than this country. For those who came as youngsters and adolescents (not adults) establish a process for them to come into a location, present evidence of who they are, what they have done while living here and establish a crime-free history. If that is the case, I would treat them as any other immigrant. School them in basic American civics to pass a test and be granted provisional citizenship, dependent on being crime-free and employed for a period of five years. Then, they would get the vote. I would invite them into the Oval Office, and name this the Trump Doctrine. I would want the history books to reflect that our President and our Party corrected that wrong. 

Given the prospect that we might not win re-election for the President, these next few weeks should be about sealing his legacy for the history books. In so doing, we begin the process of sealing loyalty to our party to retake the White House in four years. I don't mean to be a pessimist, I believe in being pragmatic. We will either win in a landslide of unaccounted voters or we will lose. 

Rebecca Ann Buke is an astute political observer and one whose opinion I respect. She served as a member to the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee for District 23 from 2014-2018. She is the past president of America First Federation. The above essay is reposted from Facebook.

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