Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Continued selective enforcement of Covid-19 rules.

by Rod Williams - As of yesterday, Nashville police gave 6,704 mask mandate warnings. Wearing a mask is now mandatory when leaving home according to Order 8 and all gatherings of over 25 people are prohibited (link).

However, enforcement is selective and arbritary.  The rules are not enforced against protestors or anything related to the cause of Black civil rights. Last night there was a  'I miss my baby' vigil held for Daniel Hambrick who was killing in an altercation with police two years ago. Photos show people not wearing mask and the gathering was of more than 25 people.

When laws apply to some and not to others based on the official approval of disapproval of the cause, then this breeds contempt for the law.  Equal protection of the law and impartial justice is a halmark of respect for law and order.  The police may still be able to impose their will on pepople by brute force and intimidation.  They may gain compliance but it is out of fear of the consequences of non-compliance, not the voluntary compliance due to respect for the law.  Law needs to be applied impartially.

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