Thursday, June 11, 2020

Fifteen Council members now call for Chief Anderson's ouster.

by Rod Williams - A large number of members of the Metro Council have signed on as co-sponsors of a resolution calling for the scalp of Police Chief Steve Anderson.  Initially, I also opined that Chief Anderson should resign.  I was disappointed that he had, had police to just stand by and watch the destruction of police cars and downtown businesses and public property.  When rioters set the courthouse on fire, police were slow to act. I was afraid they were going to let it burn out of control. I thought police should have responded forcibly when the vandalism and destruction first started. Police let the destruction escalate and escalate before they took action.

Upon reflection, I thought I may have been hasty in calling for Anderson's resignation.  Perhaps, I reasoned, Chief Anderson was following a policy set by the mayor.  I would still like to know whose decision it was not to end the lawlessness.  Apparently, many member of the Council find no fault with the policy of "just let it burn."  I have heard of no council member criticizing that policy.

Instead of criticizing the police chief or the Mayor for allowing lawlessness to reign and spin out of control, the Chief of Police is being criticized because he issued an arrest warrants for two of the riot ringleaders.

Now, 15 Metro Council members have signed on to a resolution calling for Cooper to oust Anderson and pursue "meaningful policy and behavioral change in the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department."

The effort is being let by Councilman Freddie O'Connell. Others who have signed on include

  • Emily Benedict, 
  • Russ Bradford, 
  • Tom Cash, 
  • Bob Mendes, 
  • Kathleen Murphy, 
  • Sean Parker,
  • Delishia Porterfield, 
  • Dave Rosenberg, 
  • Sandra Sepulveda, 
  • Colby Sledge, 
  • Zulfat Suara, 
  • Kyonzt√® Toombs, 
  • Nancy VanReece, and 
  • Ginny Welsch.
If matters who gets elected, and we have elected a very progressive Metro Council.

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