Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Here is another reason to dislike Amy Frogge

 Here is another reason to dislike School Board member Amy Frogge. This is a Facebook post from her posted today.

Amy Frogge

This is big news. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin lost last night.
Bevin spent his time in office attacking teachers. He called them “ignorant,” “selfish,” and “thugs.” The media called this race teachers’ “biggest electoral test.” Teachers defeated him.
What if teachers in Tennessee banded together to elect education-friendly candidates?
I really didn't need another reason. She is one of the most vocal opponents of school choice on the school board, almost as bad as former school board member Will Pinkston.  She did somewhat redeem herself by breaking with Pinkston and being a critic of former MNPS superintendent Shawn Joseph, however.

I was disappointed to see Governor Bevin lose last night.  I thought he was one of the rising stars in national politics.  I saw him speak at a First Tuesday event some time ago and was very impressed. He had a passion and a serenity and bold ideas.  I was especially pleased by his passion for prison and sentencing reform.

Blevin attempted to put Kentucky's house in order.  When he took office the State faced a $500 million shortfall (link) and Standard and Poor had downgraded Kentucky's credit rating due to underfunded pension liabilities. Part of Bevin's plan to resolve the Kentucky budget crisis was to reduce the annual cost-of-living increase in benefits of retired teachers from 1.5 percent to 1.0 percent. 

Teachers rebelled and protested. "It's about just straight up wanting more than your fair share," Bevin said of the teacher opposition. "This is a group of people just throwing a temper tantrum." The governor said on a radio program that Kentucky teachers are paid much higher than neighboring states. He also criticized teachers for getting pay raises during retirement saying that state Troopers "who get shot at" don't get raises.  (link) Thousands of teachers protested Bevin and a war of words escalated. He did not call teachers "thugs" but denounced their "thug mentality."

The teacher's union beat Bleven and Kentuckians will face raising taxes and continued debt and cuts to other budget needs to fund teacher pensions. Amy Frogge wants teachers to band together to do the same thing in Tennessee that the teacher's union did in Kentucky.

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