Thursday, January 10, 2019

The New ‘American Gothic"

As soon as the President concluded his speech to the nation Tuesday night and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosie appeared on the screen to give their rebuttal, I thought of the iconic American painting American Gothic. I did not know that many others had the same immediate reaction but the comparison is widespread.  Chuck Schumer really looks the part.  See The New ‘American Gothic,’ in the New York Sun.

It is always difficult for the opposition party giving a rebuttal. When the President gives a State of the Union address or any address to the nation, the rebuttal never can match the gravitas of  the president, but the Schumner-Pelosie response to Trump's Tuesday night speech seems to me to be one of the most pathetic, in substance and optics, of any opposition rebuttal I can ever recall.  It there were any undecideds watching Tuesday night's speeches, I think they broke for the President.

Unfortunately,  I think we have reached a point to where there are few undecided Americans on any issue anymore.  Not that being undecided is the same as being informed, but I think we are so divided that few look at the merits of an issue and base their position on Trump's position.  For many Americans who hate Trump, if Trump is for something, they are going to be opposed to it and the facts are irrelevant.

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