Monday, September 24, 2018

Help Judd Cowan win District 50 State House. Help him raise $10K in 10 days.

Judd Cowan is a Republican running against Democrat Bo Mitchell in District 50. While Davidson County, along with Shelby County, are Democrat strongholds in Republican Tennessee, it is not a

Judd Cowan
fool's errand to run as a Republican in District 50. District 50 is just barely Democratic. It is winnable!

District 50 includes Bellevue, and goes north along the western edge of the County and takes in Joelton. It is one of the more middle-class suburban and rural parts of the county. This is the kind of seat a Republican can win. 

In 2016 challenger Nathan Massey got 48% of the vote to Michell's 52%. In 2014 Troy Brewer got 49% of the vote and in 2012 Republican candidate Charles Williamson came within 157 votes of beating Mitchell. We have an attractive candidate in Judd Cowan and he is working hard. We can flip this seat!

Here is his bio from his campaign website
My name is Judd Cowan, and I am proud to be a Nashville native and a product of Davidson County public schools. I attended high school at Hume Fogg. Upon graduating, I went to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where I earned my degree in mechanical engineering.

In order to pay for my education, I owned and operated a small business, gaining valuable experience as a small business owner in the process. I also founded a newspaper on campus and served as the editor-in-chief for three years. After graduating from college, I began practicing as an engineer in Nashville.

Currently, I am employed as a full-time machine designer and project manager at Industrial Design and Fabrication, where I oversee the production of manufacturing equipment. I also work part-time as an aerospace engineer at the Smyrna Airport for Resource Air Charter. I am a self-taught machinist, a hobbyist woodworker, and an amateur historian.

I grew up in a religious household and now attend St. Henry's Catholic Church. In high school, I earned recognition as an Eagle Scout and continue to be involved with the Boy Scouts.
To be competitive Judd needs money. He is attempting to raise $10K in 10 days and is only $3,257 away from achieving that goal. I just sent him a contribution, please join me in supporting his campaign. To contribute follow this link.

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