Monday, August 06, 2018

First Tuesday presents Scott Golden

From Tim Skow:

WOW ....What a week WE had !!

1ST TUESDAY welcomes Tennessee’s Republican Party Leader

 YES!! .... 1ST TUESDAY is on TUESDAY,  August 7th. 

Republican Party State Party Chairman SCOTT GOLDEN comes to 1ST TUESDAY
Now with a guns loaded, a full slate of candidates including 2 Middle-Tennessee STARS in BILL LEE and MARSHA BLACKBURN to motivate the team and drive the turnout ... Scott is charged with leading the parade till Election Day in just 3 months !!!  

WE ... have a lot at stake !  Keeping a KEY battleground US Senate seat, an epic battle the DEMs believe they can win for GOVERNOR of TN ... Holding Speaker Harwell's seat while 2 former Nashville Mayors must turn out every live [and maybe even some dead Nashville DEMs ] the polls.  

WOW.. what a fight this will be across Tennessee  !! 
Not only are these high profile races for Governor, for the US Senate in 2018 and for State House District 56 in play....  but 30% of the seats in the Legislature are going to change hands !

THIS IS ‘’YUUUGGGEEE’’ …and the fights all across Tennessee start on TUESDAY ....
Doors at Waller Law [511 Union -27th floor] open at 11am. Lunch at 11:30.  Scott start shortly after Noon with what will surely be an intense Q & A concluding at 1:00pm SHARP!
PLEASE ... pass the word, invite your friends and get ready for what will be a critically important meeting
Event is $20 for Members and $25 for Guests. Secure seating for you and your guests at:  .... 
PLEASE ... secure your seats ASAP we need to put a lunch order in Monday at 5pm.
[Remember ..IF…..the ‘’Guest’’ icon gives you trouble, use the $25 ‘’DUES’’ till the new site comes up]

Join us for insights into the battle to hold Nashville’s ONLY seat in the State House, the significance of electing the 1ST Hispanic Republican man to the Legislature and MANY more battles that matter !! 
See you at 1ST TUESDAY on the 1ST TUESDAY, August 7th !!
Tim Skow

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