Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Early Voting Schedule and sample ballots and my endorcements - State Primary and County General election.

Early voting for the August 2nd election begins begins Friday, July 13 and ends Saturday, July 28. Davidson County voters have 14 days - including three Saturdays - to cast their ballots early in the State Primary, County General and Oak Hill Municipal Elections. There will be both a Democrat and Republican primary. The most important item will be for the respective parties to pick their nominee for Governor.

I am not yet ready to vote because I am still undecided for whom I will vote for governor. I may be ready by the last day of early voting or may wait until August 2nd. I will of course be voting in the Republican primary. From the first I have been leaning toward Diane Black but one or another of the other top contenders have looked good from time to time. Recently I have been looking favorably at Randy Boyd.  I think all of the top four contenders are qualified and would make a good candidate and a good governor. The differences between the candidates appears minor and none of them have anything in their background or have taken any positions that would stop me from voting for them. One thing that could make me turn against a candidate is if he engages in mudslinging and smears his opponent. ("He," of course,  is the singular pronoun and means a person which could also be a female. That should not be necessary to explain but some people may not know that.) One of the candidates has lost some favor with me due to negative campaigning. I am fine with a candidate drawing distinctions between himself and his opponent, but the tone of the campaign should remain respectful and criticism should be truthful and there is no need to demonize the other person.

In other races I am supporting Marsha Blackburn for the U. S. Senate, Jody Ball for State Rep in District 5, and Brent Moody in District 56. For State Executive Committeeman in District 20, I am supporting Robert Swope. In District 20 there is a tough choice for State Executive Committeewomen between two real party work horses, Martha Brown and Connie Hunter. Both are qualified and I like both of them.  I am not making a recommendation and since that is not my district, I do not have to chose between them.

In the General Election most of the offices only have one candidate running and that is the Democrat nominee. Republicans did not field candidates. For Vice Mayor I am supporting Sheri Weiner. There are school board elections in districts 2, 4, 6, and 8, but I have not studied those races and am not making any recommendations.

For a schedule and map of the early voting locations, follow this link.
For a sample Republican ballot, follow this link.
For a sample Democrat ballot, follow this link.
For a General Election sample ballot follow this link.

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