Thursday, June 28, 2018

TN governor race 2018: Diane Black TV ad critical of Randy Boyd

I "cut the cord" about a year ago so I never watch regular over-the-air TV or even cable.  I stay informed by watching the local TV stations news on my computer. I don't care for car wrecks, sports news, happy chat, or in depth meteorologist weather reports so I only watch or read the important news from the local TV stations. For entertainment and national news I watch TV on Roku.  What I do miss is all of the political ads.  I don't miss being bombarded by ad after ad, but I often feel I am less informed by not having TV because I do not know what is influencing other people and I miss out on the nuanced flavor of the campaigns.

I have been leaning toward Diane Black since the start of the race but have not been fired up. I have been persuadable from the first to support one of the other candidates. For one thing, I like all of the candidates.  I think we have four excellent candidates for governor and would enthusiastically support whoever of the field wins the nomination. As the race has progressed, Beth Harwell has some what receded in my estimation, not for any position she has taken but she just has simply not generated any enthusiasm on my part. However, that could change between now and the election.

I have been favorably impressed by Bill Lee and Randy Boyd. I am conflicted about an outsider taking the govenor's chair, however.  On the one hand, an outsider may shake things up in a positive direction but on the other hand I am not sure we want someone without government experience in the office.  Tennessee has been managed so well and making such progress that I guess what I am looking for is a Haslam third term; continuity and continuing the progress we are making.  I am not sure this is the time for an outsider.  I am pleased with Bill Lee's commitment to criminal justice reform and his character but question if he is the right person to continue the state's projection.

One of the reasons I am occasionally tempted to favor Randy Boyd is because my brother Tim Williams of Knoxville is enthusiastically supporting him. Tim is a successful business man in Knoxville and personally acquainted with Randy Boyd. He is convinced Boyd would make a great governor. I value my brother's opinion.

Below is an ad from Diane Black critical of Randy Boyd.  This is what some would call an "attack" ad. I hope the race does not turn dirty. While I generally oppose tax increases, sometimes they are necessary.  In 2012, I don't know if Knoxville needed to raise taxes or not. This does not influence me to oppose Randy Boyd. Civic discourse is so uncivil at this time, that vicious attack ads against a candidate might turn me against the attacker rather than the attacked.  I hope the campaigns stay positive. This is getting close to being an ad that would make me think less of Diane Black. Here is the ad.

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