Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Metro Council to debate county's emissions testing program

WSMV News 4

Rod Williams' comment: In addition to the argument that eliminating the fee would save taxpayers $9 dollar per car for getting the auto emissions test and the argument that the air is much cleaner than when this requirement was first imposed on Nashville, there are other arguments.

  • We are a crossroads of three major interstates and most cars polluting our air are cars traveling thorough Nashville, not cars owned by Nashvillians. The auto emmission test has minimal impact.
  • If a car fails, it can cost hundreds of dollars to make the repairs to bring it into compliance and the people who drive the few old cars that may fail an auto emissions test are owned by low-income people. A person of low income has to have a car to get to work. Taking a few hundred dollars to get a car repaired out of a family budget can be a tremendous hardship on a low income person. 
  • If you value your time at all, the time it takes to have the test done is more costly than the $9 fee. 
 The state has said we no longer have to have auto emission testing; Metro should let it end.

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