Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tonight (1/23/2018) Council votes on the mayor's tax for tracks plan.

From NO TAX  4 Tracks - As the Metro Council gets ready to do another reading on the city’s $9-billion light rail plan, we wanted you to have some talking points about taxes…you know, in case you get a chance to talk to them before the vote.
To fund this light rail plan, the city is planning a sales tax increase.

IF this light rail plan passes, when all is said and done, our sales tax will be 10.25%.

10.25%.  That’s not just big, it’s ginormous.

10.25% on a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, a pound of hamburger.

10.25% on a box of crayons, next year’s school clothes, that one night out you slide into your already tight household budget.

Is your income fixed because you’re on Social Security or a retirement plan?  Cut something and redo the budget, you’re paying more.

Struggle with a paycheck to paycheck life and sometimes come up short?  You’re gonna have less.

Ramen and hot dogs near the end of your pay period?  You might end up with just ramen.  Or hot dogs.  Or not much.

Feel like you have no room in your household budget regardless why?  Get ready to have less.

Sales taxes hurt those the most who can least afford it.  Plain and simple.

And those who can afford it the least?  They get little to no benefit from this plan.

The Metro Council has shown a mostly hands-off attitude concerning this plan.  Their rationale seems to be to let the voters decide.  That’s their call, even though we think they should be more diligent.

If you agree, give them a call.

You can look up your council members by clicking here and putting in your address where it says Council District Lookup.

10.25% .... jeez.


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