Saturday, January 06, 2018

First Tuesday guest speaker is Ralph Schulz of the Chamber making the case for the mass transit plan.

From Tim Skow, Host of First Tuesday:
MONDAY .... January 8th a '' YUUUGGGGE DAY'' ....
especially for all those who engage in the politics in and around Middle Tennessee ...

SOME ... will be prepping for the Opening the TN Legislature the next day.
Some  .... will be gearing up for the National Championship football game that night
Others .... will be working their way to see President Trump during his Nashville visit.

BUT...THE brightest minds engaged in Nashville's future and its political affairs ..... will be at the JANUARY version of 1ST TUESDAY dealing with Mayor Barry's plan to raise[and spend] no less than $5,400,000,000++ from Nashville taxpayers for Mass Transit.

Yes ....all the events will be memorable... BUT ... only one will impact the future of Nashville and middle TN for decades!

Plan to join us and invite your friends on MONDAY.... Jan 8th .... details follow. 
1ST TUESDAY invites you to a $5,400,000,000 lunch
 No version of 1ST TUESDAY has ever brought our Members and Guests a meeting  that has sooooooo much on the line for Nashville’s future.
Mayor Barry is proposing a new Mass Transit plan with a budget of over $5.4 Billion dollars. Her proposal encompasses a wide and complex range of topics critical to Nashville’s future…. Topics that include but are not limited to the following:
·        TRAFFIC !! traffic issues are approaching extreme with no end in sight
·        GROWTH! roughly 2,000 people a month are moving here !
·        FINANCIAL ISSUES !! Nashville isn’t made of $$. WHAT do is at stake?
·        COMPARABLE CITIES SOLUTIONS? Atlanta, Austin, Denver & others?
·        FACTS vs ‘’FAKES’’? … What concerns are REAL? Which are ‘’Bogus-BS’’?
[its already coming … AND… it is going to get even more outrageous ! ]

Therefore – we will have 2 meeting in JANUARY on Mayor Barry’s proposal.
 Monday – JAN 8th  RALPH SCHULZ returns from the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and Members of Mayor Barry’s team will make their case. AS USUAL – the 2nd half of our meeting with be a lively Q&A.
Details for 2nd meeting will follow next week.
Doors at WALLER Law [511 Union St – 27th floor] open at 11:00am. Event is $20 for Members and $25 for Guests. Lunch is at 11:30. Program at NOON sharp! Visit our website at and click on ‘’Join Us’’ to secure seats
if $25 ‘’Guest’’ gives you trouble …use the $25  ‘’Dues’’ icon instead ]
The GOOD news is that temperature will be in the 40s ! AND parking under the building for $7 !
SEE you on MONDAY … JANUARY 8th … if not before!
Tim Skow

ALSO: …. Just a reminder for those of you who missed being part of the toy fund drive … 2018 DUES are DUE !

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