Sunday, January 01, 2017

As Karl Dean explores run for governor, Will Pinkston goes on the attack, says Dean does not understand public education.

Associated Press ,NASHVILLE, Tenn. —...Dean has been traveling the state and taking its measure in recent months. ... Dean said he will decide whether to become a gubernatorial candidate in the first quarter of 2017. He said the early start of a bid to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. Bill Haslam would be necessary to overcome the fundraising and organizational challenges Democratic candidates face in Tennessee.

“Obviously Republicans have a lot of advantages,” Dean said.

Dean acknowledged that a successful gubernatorial bid would have to attract a large number of Republican voters. ...

Longtime Democratic operative Will Pinkston, ...  said Dean’s policies were at odds with public school families in Nashville.

“He fundamentally did not understand public education and, as a result, Nashville saw eight years of turmoil in our school system,” Pinkston said.

Dean is unapologetic about his pro-charter position, which he said is in line with other big city mayors and with President Barack Obama. “The important message for me is that charter schools are public schools,” he said. “It’s a different way of management, it’s a way that gives parents more choices and has produced very positive results in Nashville.”

“I don’t regret my support for charter schools and I think it’s consistent with being a good Democrat, and in line with some very, very good Democrats,” he said. (read it all)

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