Monday, October 24, 2016

Vote for Davette Blalock in District 53

Davette Blalock was born on 9/11/1971 in Elizabethtown, KY.
The only child of David and Wanda Dennison. Her father was involved in the first Apollo Space Program in Cape Canaveral, Florida in the U.S. Navy with NASA in the sixties before returning home and settling down to raise a family.
Her father started a worldwide educational book distributorship in 1964. Education was a priority in Davette’s life as a result of her upbringing and paternal influence.
Davette and family moved to a Farm in Indiana in 3rd grade through the 9th grade which gave Davette first-hand experience in Agri-Business and the lifestyle and farmer’s strife in America. Davette and family moved to Nashville because of the job opportunity of the Lead Construction Manager position it brought her family when the Airport was being converted into an International Airport.
Davette begin her 10th grade the first year Hunters Lane High School opened.
Davette and family settled down in South Nashville the next year and graduated John Overton High School in 1989.
Davette was raised by a Mother that had worked in a Salon in Hopkinsville, KY earlier in her life where she went to work with her and played with all the clients just about every day. She learned early to love and respect all kinds of people. She became a natural people person. She also learned the Cosmetology trade so when she graduated High School she achieved her Cosmetology License.
She worked at JC Penny’s and Regis Beauty Salon in Hickory Hollow Mall while she studied Law and Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University.
She achieved her Real Estate license to begin her career in the professional world of investments as she continued at MTSU.
Davette has an entrepreneurial mind so in 1995 she started her own Real Estate Brokerage firm. She successfully managed other Real Estate agents and grew her referral base. Davette liked the way she made her clients feel as she earned each and everyone's trust. However, she felt as though she could offer still more to her clients. Therefore, Davette found her niche in full financial planning.
To expand her economic horizons she joined American Express Financial Advisors in 1999. Davette has achieved the Series 7 license (stock broker), the Series 24 License (Securities Management), Life & Health Insurance License, Property & Casualty Insurance License, and Surplus Insurance License, Real Estate Broker's License.
After breaking sales records at American Express she was recruited by Allstate Financial Services in 2000 to provide Financial Planning to Allstate’s clients in middle Tennessee. In this role she managed over 25 Allstate Offices and staff for their Financial Service's needs. In 2004 Davette took a leave of absence to get married to her husband Brian Blalock and give birth to her 1st child Victoria Blalock.
During the leave of absence Davette completed the (CFP) Certified Financial Planning school. Davette stayed home for two years to concentrate on early child development and nurturing as a new mother.
In 2006 Davette opened her own Farmers Insurance Agency enabling her to combine her efforts to offer her clients Real Estate, Financial Estate and Retirement Planning, and Insurance specialties. She has managed several assistants and agents over the years of her businesses.
In 2010 Davette gave birth to her 2nd child, Lance David Blalock. During her pregnancy, Davette was encouraged by many friends and family members to take her wisdom and experience to city government to give additional elements of excellence to the government that serves the greater Nashville community.
In 2010 Davette ran for the Metro City Council for District 27 and won a landslide victory of 61.6% of the vote against two opponents.
In 2015 she was re-elected, beating her opponent that spent three times more money by 64.3% of the vote. Although Davette’s accomplishments and contributions of expertise to the Metro City Council are unmatchable and has earned her worthy respect by council members and her district, as evidenced by her margin of approval in her election victories, she has been groomed by that experience and it has fine-tuned her parliamentary skills to easily qualify her for State Government where she will undoubtedly achieve positive results using acutely calibrated sagacity and persuasive ability to marshal a consensus from both parties of the House that will serve and empower the millions of people in Tennessee.
Davette is running for the Tennessee State House of Representatives for House district 53, for 2016 and graciously asks for your Vote.

Please vote for Davette Blalock in District 53. For more on Davette Blalock, visit her webpage at this link

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