Saturday, August 22, 2015

Update: Meet David Fox, Sunday, August 30th.

Update in an email from Tim Skow at 3:43 today:

My friends:
In a mere 11 days, we will decide if  we pursue " The Nashville Way" with Mayor David Fox....OR.... if our city will become what Megan Barry envisions...that being... 
"The San Francisco of the South"

Sunday afternoon, you and those you'd care to have join us are welcome to do so at the home of Dr. Ming Wang for the Tennessee Republican Minority Coalition event to support David Fox . Given the growing support for David Fox, we have made ample arrangements for many to join us at the last minute. So plan to join us if your schedule allows. Details are attached.... Valet parking awaits starting your arrival and you're encouraged to invite those you know to join us as well !

Thanks again.. and I hope to see you Sunday afternoon. If you'd interested in becoming a Co-Host... and coming early, feel free to reach me at 615-429-xxxx.
Thanks again !
Since Tim sent this out as an email to people he knows, I have removed his phone number.  I did not want opponents of David Fox or malicious people to be calling Tim.  I will be checking my email regularly from now until the event. If you would like to co-host or attend, email me at and I will pass it on.

Please join me Sunday in supporting David Fox's for Mayor. If you would like to co-host the event, you will spend an hour with David from 2pm to 3pm prior to the event. Also, co-host may invite two others to attend as their guest. To attend the event or co-host please RSVP to Tim Skow at

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