Monday, August 24, 2015

Mark Green says Gas Tax Increase Proposal is Premature

From Senator Mark Green:

Senator Mark Green
Let your voice be heard over the next several weeks regarding Tennessee's Road Fund and a common problem that faces every Tennessee family just like our State government - operating on a budget and prioritizing spending.

Before an increase in the gas tax should be discussed, there are a few key actions that must occur because Tennessee should never operate like Washington, DC.
  • Return the $260 million plus interest to the Road Fund borrowed by TennCare
  • Assess a user fee to the 2,000 electric cars driving tax-free currently
  • Utilize the projected budget surplus that may reach $500 million

Tennessee businesses will pass the increase in a gas tax on to customers as a cost of doing business. Tennessee citizens will carry the heaviest burden with an increase in the gas tax. Read the entire opinion piece here

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