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Quarter 1 update on Who is contributing to the Megan Barry campaign.

Megan Barry
 Progressives and the Democrat Establishment open their wallet. 

I have examined Ms Barry's 1st Quarter campaign disclosure report which is for the period that ended March 31st, 2015, which had a report due date of April 10th.

Ms Barry began the quarter with a balance on hand of $450,452, had receipts of $220,728, and ended the period with a balance on hand of $532.094. The candidate has loaned her campaign $200,000.

Contributors this period include several people associated with Vanderbilt University including Senta Greene, $1,200; Ann Stern, $1000; Richard Willis, $500; Bill Wiggins, $300; Tracy George, $350; Dewey Daane, $600; David Shaffer, $1,000; Charles Pinson, $500; Mark Cannon, $300; Tony Stewart, $1,500; Cecelia Tchi, $600; Mark Schoenfield, $300; Tiffiny Tung, $600; Richard Lloyd, $1,250, Charles Rush, $500; Gay Welch, $1,300, and a several others who contributed smaller amounts.

Mike McWherter, son of former Govenor Ned McWherter and 2010 Democrat nominee for Governor contributed $1,000; Joel Lee, President of Lee Strategies and also an Adjuct Professor at Vandy, $500; Elizabeth Spencer, Senior Aide, employed by the Office of Al & Tipper Gore, $500; Beth Greer, Chief of Staff to Al Gore, $300; Victor Goetz, Legislative Assistant to U. S. Congressman Jim Cooper, $250; Robert "Bob" Tuke, an attorney who is a partner with Trauger & Tuke who is also an Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Law who was the 2008 Democrat nominee for U. S. Senate and who contributes to lots of campaigns, $1,500; Attorney George Cate, $500; attorney  Dana Moore, Director of Education Networks of America, $1,500; Robert Collie, Sr. VP with Education Network of America, $1,300; Ashford Hughes of the Southeast Laborers District Council, $200; Rep. Darren Jernigan, $250; Jenny Ford, owner of the lobbying firm Jenny Ford Government Strategies, $250; County singer Emmylou Harris, $1,500; Gayle Ray, who I assume is the former Sheriff, $600; Joe Hall of Hall Strategies, $850; Abby Trotter with Hall Strategies, $500; Jane Alvis, owner of the lobbying firm Alvis Company, $1,000; several people associated with Nashville Cares; Chancellor Carol McCoy, $250; Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman, $250; a bunch of attorneys with various firms; Celest Reed, an RN with Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, $750; former State Representative Janis Sontany who is now an employee of the Davidson County Clerk's office in charge of "Special Projects", $1,000; Lavoe Mulgrew, a School Director of LEAD Academy, $500 (I find this interesting since Jeremy Kane, founder and CEO of LEAD Academy is also a candidate for mayor); Robert Cooper, an attorney who I assume is the former State Attorney General, $250; Alice Chapman a partner in the McNeely Pigott & Fox public Relations firm, $600; Ruth Katz with the Aspen Institute of Washington D. C., $250; Ruth Ann Harnisch of Hampton Bays, NY, with the Harnisch Foundation, $1,500; Gordon Ball, the 2014 Democrat nominee for U. S. Senate $1,500; Howard Eley, CEO of Infrastructure Corporation of America, $1,250; Lee Dietz, homemaker, $1,500; Jim Free a Washington lobbyist, owner of The Jim Free Group, $250; School Board Member Will Pinkston, $1,500; Peter Heidenreich, former Metro Director of Public Works, now a lobbyist, $500; Lisa Howe, Executive Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) Chamber of Commerce, $200; another $500 from Country music artist Buddy Miller; James Smith of Austin, TX, President of Red River Services a Hazardous Waste Disposal company, $1,000; another $1000 from actress Ashley Judd; Jim Schorr, CEO of Social Enterprise Alliance, $500; and H. G. Hill Realty PAC, $2,000.

Below is a previous report I did on Barry's financial report covering the period prior to the 1st Quarter. This was the initial report and covered the period that ended January 14, 2015 and had a due date of February 10th.

Below is what I found of interest in Ms Barry’s report. I am sure others would find other things of interest. Some of the people you know may not be the same people I know, so you might find it interesting that certain people contributed to her campaign that I overlooked. If you want to know more about who is supporting Megan Barry’s candidacy follow this link to view her report.

One of the most interesting things I found from reviewing her report is how much money she got from professors and others associated with Vanderbilt University.

Lydia Howarth wife of  Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos gave $3000. Other contributions from Vanderbilt, most of them from Vanderbilt professors, include the following: Larry Churchill $500, Gay Welsh $1000, Richard Lloyd $1000, Bill Ivey $600, Vareen Bell $500, Bonnie Dow $1800, Pearl Sims $250, Beth Conklin $250, Dan Cornfield $3000, Ruth Brown $1000, Vicki Green $1000, Jaky Akbari $175, John McCammon $2000, Tae Park $500, Virginia Scott $1000, Ranga Ramanujam $1500, Ray Fiedman $1500, Ellen Clayton $1500, Lou Outlaw $500, Ginny Shepherd $1000, and Ted Fischer $1500.

Out of town contributors include Arthur and Joyce Skodney of New York City who gave a combined total of $6,000 to the campaign. I don’t know who they are and a Goggle search did not turn up anything of interest, but I just found it interesting that a New York couple put $6000 into her campaign. Other out of town contributors are Janet Meuller of Overland Park, Kansas who gave $3,000 and $1,500 from Lanfred Claus of Viena VA and $1,500 from Neta Moye of Viena Va.

Other contributions of interest are these: former council member Anna Page $1,535, Renato Soto of Conexion America $250, former state Rep. Janis Sontany an employee of the Davidson County Clerk's office gave $900, the manager of the Global Mall Ravishanker Shetkar $1,500, School Board Member Will Pinkston $500, famed divorce lawyer Rose Palermo $1,000, and former council member Betty Nixon $500.

The Venick for Council Campaign gave her $1,500. Butch Eley, CEO of Infrastructure Corporation of America and former Chief of Staff  for Nashville Mayor Bill Bonner gave her $250 and philanthropist Martha Ingram gave her $3,000. Actress Ashley Judd gave $500, attorney Bob Tuke $1,000, attorney Elliot Ozment $500, and former councilman and member of the Planning Commission Stewart Clifton $250.

Community activist Gene Tesselle and his wife gave a combined total of $1,100. Rusty Lawrence, Executive Director of Urban Housing Solutions, gave $500. Liza Quigley, chief of staff for Congressman Jim Cooper gave $1,600. Women for Tennessee’s Future donated $7,900, Gaylord Entertainment Co. PAC $1,000, Americana artist Buddy Miller  $1,000 and Thomas Wills, Director of Vending for the homeless newspaper, The Contributor, gave $1,500.

This one surprised me. Roy Dale, who is a former Metro Councilman, a developer, and someone who I assume is a Republican gave her $1,500 and his wife Lisa Dale who is an outspoken conservative and prolific poster on Facebook also gave $1,500. Why these two people who I perceive to be conservative are contributing to the most progressive candidate for Mayor in the race, I don't know.

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1 comment:

  1. I received the following email from Roy Dale and with his permission am posting it:


    I just now saw your article where you did not understand my support for Megan.

    This election is really concerning me. I see candidates like Bill Freeman wanting to buy votes and then those like Howard Gentry expecting your vote. But only a few that are trying to earn your vote.

    Attending just about every Council meeting, I have seen Megan in action. Regardless of any of her personal views, she is a consensus builder. She just works well with everyone and is someone that I can trust. Based upon this, she has earned my vote. I am very confident, that she will do very well.

    Roy M. Dale, P.E.
    Dale and Associates, Inc.
    516 Heather Place
    Nashville, TN 37204