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Which candidates for Metro Council have the $ and Who is contributing to the Council District races (District 1-12)

I have reviewed the campaign financial disclosure reports of candidates for Metro Council for districts one through 12 and what I found that is of interest to me is reported below. Please know that I do not know everyone who is significant and do not know all of the political connections. I encourage you to review the reports for yourself if you are interested. You can find the reports at this link. If you find a connection that you think is noteworthy, please leave a comment.

Also, some people share the same name. If I listed a John Doe as contributing to a candidate and assumed it was a particular John Doe but got it wrong, please correct me.

The "initial" report is for the period prior to January 16 and that report was to be filed by February 10.  If a candidate had raised any money prior to January 16th they were supposed to file an initial report. No candidate was permitted to raise money prior to the appointment of a campaign treasurer. The "First quarter" is the period January 16th through March 31st and that report was to be filed by April 10th.

Please check back. I will be reporting on the rest of the district campaigns shortly.

District 1

  • Ruby Baker: Her initial disclosure shows $1,200 raised, and $2122 raised in the 1st quarter, ending with a balance on hand of $1,007. Her contributors are not names I recognize. Her largest contributor is Leslie Susan Chiles who contributed $1000.
  • Loniel Green: He raised $3.752 in the initial disclosure period and $3,200 in the 1st quarter. He loaned his campaign $3,000 and got a contributors from Tricia Simmons of Fayetteville NC who gave $1000.
  • Nick Leonardo: He did not file an initial report. He raised $2,950 in the 1st quarter. He received $1000 from Brendan Hawthorn of Lorain, OH and $1,000 from Odell Binkley Jr. Balance on hand is $2416.
  • Jonathan Richardson: No initial report, only raise $350, and balance on hand is $335.
District 2
  • Melvin Black: He has withdrawn. He filed an initial report but raised no money and did not file a 1st quarter report.
  • Danavan Hylton: No initial report. 1st quarter raised $550, balance on hand $303.
  • Carrie Searcy: $1,512 raised in the initial report period, $8,998 in the 1st quarter, Balance on hand of $6,069. She loaned herself of $3891. Leslie Susan Chiles donated $1000. Notice that Leslie Susan Chiles also donated $1,000 to Ruby Baker.  Duayne Bells, Sr donated $1000; John Canthon owner of Jacks Barbeque $250; Judge Rachel Bell, $750.
  • Robert Stockard: He began with a balance on hand of $460. Received $925 in the initial period and $1710 in the 1st quarter, ending with a Balance on hand of $331. UAW TN PAC (United Auto Workers) contributed $250; Senator Thelma Harper gave an in-kind contribution $100. He loaned his campaign $880.
District 3
  • Timothy Coleman: No initial report. No money raised or spend.
District 4
  • Robert Swope: No initial filing, In the 1st quarter he raised $3,985, with a Balance on hand of $1,275. Endre Zongor of Franklin gave $1000; Dr. Ming Wang, $1000, Rod Williams (that’s me) $100.
  • Peter Tugle: No initial filing. In the 1st quarter the candidate loaned himself $15,0000 and he has a balance on hand of $14,822.
District 5
  • Scott David (The incumbent): He has filed a really screwed up financial disclosure report. It shows a balance on hand at the start of the 1st quarter of $4,142 and shows 1st quarter report receipts of $15,200, disbursements of $5,256 and a balance on hand of $19,045. Something does not add up. It is my understanding that if you start the report with a balance on hand there had to be previous report, but there is no “initial” report. Also I cannot tell if the Balance on hand is $10,045 or $19,045 due to sloppy writing. However, either way if one takes the “balance on hand last report” adds $15,300 and subtracts $5,226. It does not add up to ether $10,045 or $19,045. Also on line 12 b, “total receipts this period” the number is $15,300 and yet in the “Receipts” section, lines 15 - 18, nothing is shown. Under the “itemized receipts” section however, the report does show receipts. The report shows $1,500 from a dentist named Larry Davis, $1,500 from a M.D with the last name of Davis, and $1,500 from an Annie Davis. It shows $1500 from Mike Hodge of 1311 Church St, Nashville TN, 37219. There is no building at 1311 Church St according to Google maps and the zip code at that location is really 37203 not 37219 as shown on the report. Mike Hodge’s profession is listed as “business owner.” There is a “Mike Hodge” who is the community organizer currently with NOAH, formerly with The Neighborhood Resource Center, but I do not know if this is that Mike Hodge or not. He shows contributions of $1,500 from the CFO of Grand Avenue, which is the luxury limousine company. Another dentist gives $1500, the Waller PAC gave $250, lobbyist Dave Cooley gave $250, and two other people with the last name Davis gave $1500 each. Several of the contributions show a name only and no address. If this is the best the candidate or the candidate’s treasurer can do in completing a campaign disclosure then maybe the candidate does not have adequate skills to serve in the Metro Council. I am not going to pursue inquiring what is the procedure for challenging the validity of a finance report that obviously does not add up and is full of errors; I will leave that to someone else, I am just reporting.
  • Sarah Martin: She did not file an initial report. The 1st quarter report shows receipts of $10,420, which includes a loan from herself of $5,000, and a balance of hand of $9,6662. Daniel Horwitz who is an attorney and an occasional contributor to this blog and an opponent of price fixing and regulations designed to inhibit competition, but who is also a Democrat and serves as an attorney for the Davidson County Democrat Party contributed $101. Renard Francois, who himself sought an at-large Council seat in 2011 and who is an attorney contributed $1,500. Bob Tuke, an attorney who was the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senotor in 2008 challenging Lamar Alexander contributed $250. Nashville attorney Patrick Frogge, who frequently represents indigent federal defendants gave $250.
District 6
  • Peter Westerholm (incumbent): In the initial period he raised $9,525 and in the 1st period raised $4,794 ending the period with $13,966. He loaned his campaign $500. Candidates are not required to itemize contributions of $100 or less, and while many do anyway, he did not. Contributors include former Nashville Mayor William P Purcell III (Bill Purcell) who donated $150; Hank Helton of Pathway lending, $250; Mark Deutschmann of Village Real Estate, $500. He only received two of what I would call large contribution and that was $1500 from Britnie Turner who is founder of Aerial Development Group and $1,000 from Johnny Westerholm.
 District 7
  • Stephen Clements: In the initial reporting period he had recipients of $1,260 which included a $1000 loan from himself, and in the 1st quarter period he had receipts of $3550. Contributor include Dawn Clements who gave $1000; Paul Kuhn of Woodmont Investment Counsel and a long-time advocate for Mariujunna reform and a board member of NORML, $600; Rod Williams (that’s me), $500; Ed Smith, $1000.
  • Anthony Davis (incumbent): He did not file an initial report. He shows receipts of $8632 and a balance on hand of $7,595. Contributors include Representative Bill Beck who contributed $500; School Board Member Will Pinkson, $250; Tennessee Laborer’s PAC, $500; Dan Heller a real estate developer, owner of Flatiron Holdings, $1000; Anthony Viglietti, Senior Energy Services specialist with Nashville Electric Services; $1000; and several attorneys who I do not know who gave $250 each.
District 8
  • Ramona Gholston: She filed no initial reports. The 1st quarter report shows receipts of $63 and a balance on hand of $63. However this report is not filed out correctly because she shows total receipts (line 18) of $150.
  • Robert Sawyers, Sr: He filed an initial report but it shows no receipts or expenditures. The 1st quarter report also shows no receipts or expenditures.
  • Chris Swann: He filed no initial report. The 1st quarter report shows receipts of $1,200 and a balance on hand of $428. Tennessee State Representative Timothy Hill of Blountville, TN contributed $500. James C. Swann loaned the campign $700.
  • Nancy VanReece: She filed an intial report that shows receipts of $3998 and a 1st quarter report that shows receipts of $3702 for an ending balance on hand of $7,104. Metro Council member and mayoral candidate Megan Barry contributed $100; David Taylor, owner of Tribe, Play Dance Bar and other gay businesses contributed $250; Waller Lansden PAC, $250; Women for TN’s Future, $300; She got a considerable amount of in-kind contributions including photography by Chad McClarnon valued at $750, and hair care and make up for a photo shoot by Lauren Turner valued at $200 and she valued her own consulting services for website design and ads at $1038.
District 9
  • Bill Pridemore (incumbent): He filed no initial report and the 1st quarter report shows no receipts and no expenditures.
District 10 has no candidates filing a campaign finance disclosure.

District 11
  • Larry Hagar (incumbent): He filed no initial. The 1st quarter report shows a starting balance on hand of $5353, no receipts and an ending balance on hand of $5014.
District 12
  • Steve Glover (incumbent): He filed no initial report. The 1st quarter report shows no receipts and no expenditures and no balance on hand.

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