Sunday, March 29, 2015

Who is contributing to the Fox campaign for Mayor

David Fox
I have reviewed the campaign financial disclosure report of mayoral candidate David Fox and recognized very few of his contributors. There are not many contributors from the same profession, unlike the many Vanderbilt professors who have contributed to Megan Barry or the many attorneys who have contributed to Charles Bone. Fox's contributors seem to come from a broad variety of professions.

Most of Fox's campaign money comes from a loan he made his campaign of $1,050,000. He started the campaign report period with no money on hand, raised 1,303,030, spend 256,666, leaving a balance on hand of 1,046,363.

Out of state contributors include Patrick Colman of Old Greenwich CT $1500; Benjamin Fox of Greenwich, CT $1500; George Fox of Samfort, CT $1500; Matthew Fox of Greenwich, CT $1500; Pamela Fox of Greenwich, CT $1500; Barbara Jonas of New York City $1500; Henry Klein of Rye Brook, New York and March Klein of Rye Brook, New York $1500; Laurel Miller of Greenwich, CT $1500; Ellen Wolfson of Lawrence, NY $1500; Donald Jonas of New York City $1500; Kyle Miller of Greenwich, CT $1500; and maybe six other contributors of $1500 each from Greenwich CT. He must have a supportive family in Greenwich Connecticut.

Contributors of interest include Fred Dettwiller of Det Distributing $1500, Walter Knestrick $1500 and Sarah Knestrick $1500, Mary Pierce of the Metro School Board $500 and Ryman Hospitality Properties PAC $1000. There are lots of important civic minded people in the city I don't know and you may recognize the names of some of his contributors that I do not. To view his campaign disclosure report follow this link.

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