Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Carol Swain: Political correctness trumped safety in police shooting

Excerpts from an editorial by Carol Swain appearing in  The Tennessean 12-31-2014, Political correctness trumped safety in police shooting:

Carol Swain
Why don't police officers use Tasers rather than guns to subdue suspects? .....On Sunday, Dec. 13, Nashvillians learned that Tasers are not a reliable means of stopping a determined suspect, and their failure can place police and civilians at risk.

There is a stench of politics in how the entire situation was handled.  The officers knew they were dealing with a suspect who reportedly had a gun and a criminal background. Yet, they departed from their training and protocol apparently to avoid the repercussions that would likely follow a police shooting of a young black male, even an armed one.

Clearly, we don't want police officers abusing citizens. However, they do have a dangerous job to perform, and that job is hampered if political correctness and fear of the community overrides good judgment.

Dr. Swain is a professor of political science and Law at Vanderbilt University.

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