Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Revitalization of Nolensville Rd. meeting Oct. 17th.

Metro Councilmembers Brady Banks, Tony Tenpenny, Chris Harmon, Davette Blalock, Jason Potts, and Fabian Bedne will be meeting to discuss possible ways to revitalize Nolensville Road. The meeting has been scheduled as follows:
When: Friday, October 17, 2014 12 Noon
Where: Nashville Civic Design Center 138 Second Avenue South, Suite 106 Nashville, TN 37201 For further information, please contact Councilman Fabian Bedne, 829-6226.

My Comment: I don't often post notices of this nature, but with Nolensville Rd being a major corridor and having lived off Nolensville Rd and worked in this area and having represented this area in the Council and having served on the citizens advisory committee for the old Woodbine Business District improvements, I feel invested in this area.

I think this corridor has such great potential. Woodbine, I feel, is still largely undiscovered with a housing stock not that much different from Sylvan Park, and it is mostly still affordable. The Fairground and the Zoo are major attractions along the corridor and the large number of ethnic eateries on this corridor could be a draw. Assuming we keep the fairgrounds, which the public clearly wants to do, it could be improved with the addition of an attraction and marketing that would make it a tourist draw.

One drawback to making Nolensville Rd a more major thoroughfare is the rail road tracks at 4th Ave and 2nd Ave.  The northern end of Nolensville Road ends just north of the fairground where it becomes 4th and 2nd Avenues. Second Avenue is one way going north and 4th Ave is one way going south. Going north on 2nd there is a narrow, oddly-angled rail road underpass. Going south, there is no underpass and especially late at night, one may set for 30 minutes or more waiting for a long, slow- moving train to cross the street. If adequate underpasses or overpasses could be constructed, then Nolensville Road would have connectivity to downtown.  I hope any plan to revitalize Nolensville Road looks at this rail road track.

I think Nolensville Road would be a great place to put the AMP.  Many people along this corridor in the northern end of it are low-income and do not have cars or maybe only one car. Also, many of them are immigrants who may be more accustomed to using mass transit. There are vacant and undeveloped tracks of land along this corridor which could be ripe for development under the right circumstances.

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