Friday, September 19, 2014

City to define, regulate and tax "short term rentals" in private homes.

Remember when food trucks made there appearance in Nashville. The brick and mortar resturants did not like them and tried to put them out of business. A few year ago the Metro Council tried to stop a new form of transportation, "the black sedans", from operating in Nashville by forcing them to charge a minimum fee. The city also engaged in unlawful harassment and went to court and spend thousands of dollars to defend the minimum fee. Then along came Uber and Lyft and the city reversed itself and lifted the minimum. Every time there is an innovation, politicians want to protect the status quo and tax the new service.  Now, we are seeing a new innovation in lodging rentals. A phone app matches people who want to rent out a room in their house for a night or two with people who are seeking an inexpensive rental for a night or two. If someone is not watching, this new form of vacation lodging will be outlawed or regulated and taxed to the point it is prohibitive.

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