Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rally to Stop the AMP Wednesday 12:30 PM

From Kathleen Starnes:

If you are available Wed (March 12) at 12:30 come to Legislative Plaza to support the House Bill 2156. Wear Red.. 

hey gang.. here is the list of House Reps that will be voting on House Bill 2156 tomorrow (Wed) We want them to pass HB2156
This bill will block the AMP for running down the middle of the State Hwy 1 (West End)
.Please email and call the following house members
BE POLITE..but firm...
The opposition is being nasty!!
Please vote YES on HB 2156   741-4295  741-1934    741-1721    741-6877   741-4317  741-3893  741-6829  741-2192
My Comment: Mayor Karl Dean is urging people to engage to stop HB2156. To see the mailing I received from Mayor Dean follow this link. I will try to be there for the anti-AMP rally if I can get away and will call or email the listed Representatives.  I actually think it is time Nashville started building an improved mass transit system, but taking three lanes of West End and spending $175 million to do so seems like the wrong approach. Taking roadway capacity will slow traffic on West End not speed it up. The AMP is the wrong approach on the wrong roadway.

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1 comment:

  1. AMP may be "the wrong approach on the wrong roadway" -- I tend to agree-- but HB2156 takes away the option of ANY mass transit development in Davidson County on ALL state roads. That is exactly contrary to what you say you want. This bill targets only our city.... not Memphis, not Knoxville, not Chattanooga. Local voices in Middle TN lose the vote to the big imposing state.... led by the same folks that complain of the same tactics at a federal level. Seem inconsistent?