Saturday, October 05, 2013

Why Stop with Gay Domestic Partner Benefits?

..... In other words, two elderly sisters who have been living together for some time and sharing expenses don’t qualify.  A single or widowed mother living with an adult child who, for whatever reason, is not able to live entirely on his or her own is out of luck.

So, these city policies provide benefits for only some relationships of commitment and continuity, not all of them.

However, by excluding these other relationships, the city is saying that they are not important.  As same-sex marriage advocates like to say of defenders of marriage, the city is stigmatizing those relationships and deeming them inferior to theirs.

But the question is why?  Why aren’t those other relationships just as important?  Why should they be excluded?  (Read more)
If the Metro Council is going to extend benefits to gay domestic partners, why not any two people who are in a relationship that involves living together and mingling of expenses. Why must they be assumed to be having same-sex sex to qualify?

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