Friday, October 18, 2013

$52,000 is a little less than $100,000

Recently on the Ralph Bristol radio program, Joe Carr said that he had raised a little less than $100,000 in the third quarter in his primary campaign to unseat Lamar Alexander. He had actually raised only $52,000. I would say $52,000 is "just a little over $50,000," not "a little less" than $100,000. Why would he say that when the truth was bound to come out. What was he thinking? I know they may be little things but from his first announcement when he had a sign that said he was running for the "Sentate," to his answering a questionnaire with answer's lifted word for word from a Heritage Foundation brochure, to his saying $52,000 is a  "little less" than $100,000, Joe Carr is just not ready for prime time.

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1 comment:

  1. I had been thinking about voting for Carr in the primary as a protest vote. I think my protest will be to skip the Senate vote. Just be honest, Carr. That's the minimum we expect from our Senators. And you're failing at the minimum.