Saturday, September 21, 2013

What happened at the Senate Education Committee Hearing on Common Core | Nashville News, Weather

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas, Channel 5 News, NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Thursday, a standing room only crowd showed up for a Senate Education Committee session concerning the new set of standards known as common core.

"We stand here in support of Tennessee's Common Core State Standards," Dr. Vicki Kirk, Director of Greene County Schools, said while flanked by educators and parents during a press conference preceding the hearing. "We support raising the bar in our classrooms."

The Common Core State Standards are an issue where divisions are not just down party lines. (link)

Common Core’s Loudest Opponents Come from Outside Tennessee 

Nashville Public Radio - For and against, for and against. Tennessee lawmakers swayed between supporters of Common Core and opponents in a day-long hearing Friday. Many of those testifying have been debating the education standards in other states.

Georgia state Sen. William Ligon talked about why his state is ditching the PARCC test associated with Common Core. A spokesperson from the conservative Heartland Institute suggested the standards are a liberal conspiracy.

Peg Luksik – who is a politician from Pennsylvania – argued against what she sees as a one-size-fits-all approach. (link)

Common Core foes take their best shots

by Chas Sisk, The Tennessean, Sept. 20, 2013- Opponents of new education standards passed by the state three years ago took their best shot at convincing lawmakers to reverse course.

Foes of the Common Core State Standards Initiative took a scattershot approach to attacking the effort, offering arguments that ranged from claims that the standards are too low to one suggestion that they could lead to brainwave monitoring of children. (link)

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1 comment:

  1. The Common Core "state" Standards also come from "out of state". Other states are being sabotaged just like Tennessee is. The Race To The Top was a trojan horse to commit the states to implementing these standards that NOBODY ANYWHERE has implemented prior to promising it to get the federal carrot.

    That is why Peg Luksik can speak on this issue. She has done the same thing in her home state of Pennsylvania because it is a common federal takeover. These "out of state" speakers all pointed to the 1100+ page Race To The Top application from January 18, 2010 which committed TN to the Common Core - when it the first "confidential" draft had been made available only five days earlier.

    How did all 136 school district directors of schools endorse that application with a Memorandum of Understanding (provided by the federal government) when you know they didn't review the 1100+ page application and the first "confidential" draft was only made available to the states five days earlier?

    If Vicki Kirk was one of the 136, she endorsed something she never read. She endorsed standards that both the ELA and Math content experts from the Common Core Validation Committees refused to sign off on because they are inferior (Sandra Stotskty and James Milgrim). But that didn't happen until February, a month after Tennessee committed to implementing them. It was another month before the first draft was made available to the public, almost 60 days after Tennessee committed to implementing them. But it's "state-led"...

    Where were the signatories to this Race To The Top application at the hearing? Why didn't we hear from Phil Bredesen, Tim Webb, B. Fielding Rolston and Bob Cooper?

    After all, we are supposed to believe that Phil worked with a few other governors to create them.