Friday, July 05, 2013

Rand Paul featured in Lamar Alexander's new 'Right to Fish' ad

Announcer: "Tennessean's prize our freedom to fish below our dams. The Corps of Engineers thought they knew better."
Lamar: "We don't want a government, that's strong enough, to make our lives risk free. We can do that for ourselves."
Announcer: "Lamar talked fishing to most every Senator and on June third, Senator Lamar Alexander's Freedom to Fish Act became the law of the land."
Rand Paul: "Nobody wants to say 'no' to Lamar Alexander."
Announcer: "I'm Lamar Alexander and I approve this message."
Senator Rand Paul was a co-sponsor of the "Right to Fish" bill.  I would assume this is an attempt to boost Lamar's conservative credentials, thinking that having Rand Paul in his ad will do the trick.  I also assume that starting ads so early in the campaign that he is hoping to scare off any potential challenger from the right.

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