Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bob Corker Called 'Bullsh*t' On Mitch McConnell During Senate GOP Meeting On Filibuster

Bob Corker Called 'Bullsh*t' On Mitch McConnell During Senate GOP Meeting On Filibuster: Report

Under the deal brokered by Reid and McCain, Republicans agreed to allow votes on seven of Obama's executive nominees, under the condition that the president replace two of his nominees to the National Labor Relations Board with two other candidates. The deal came after Reid threatened to invoke the so-called nuclear option, or changing Senate rules by a simple majority vote.

Corker was one of 17 Republicans who voted to end the filibuster on Richard Cordray's nomination to lead the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau.

My Comment: This sounds like a good deal to me. If some compromise was not worked out the Senate filibuster would be history and probably never return. In exchange for the Dems not changing the rules, we preserved the filibuster and the two appointees who Obama illegally appointed as recess appointees when the Senate was not in recess will not be appointed. We did not have a good hand and had to play the hand we were dealt. Considering the options, I think Corker showed great leadership skills. McConnell seems sour because he could not broker a deal and someone with more skill did.

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1 comment:

  1. Let Reid change the rules - take over senate in 2014 - stick it in their ear thereafter.

    Reid does not worry about filibuster, our repubs have proven they can be rolled at will.