Friday, December 16, 2011

Power turned off to Occupy Nashville

As reported by Channel 5 news, last night the Fire Marshall turned off the power to Occupy Nashville. It is about damn time! Ever since October when Occupy first started camping out on Legislative Plaza they have been using free electricity provided by the state.  Why?

OK, I know a court ruled that the imposition of a curfew violated Occupy's right to protest and rather than the State aggressively fighting that, the State rolled over and played dead. So, we could blame the long occupy on the Courts. I can even understand the initial court ruling. However, it is ridiculous that Occupy can take over the Plaza permanently and camp out on public property.

The most ridiculous of the ridiculous however, is why the state gave them free electricity. There is no constitutional right to have the State provide protesters with free electrical hook-ups.

According to the Channel five report, "protesters were using a single outlet on Legislative Plaza to power their camp and state officials said it was a major safety hazard. Officials said the outlet was overload and melted. Fire officials were concerned about safety so they turned the outlet off."  They also padlocked the outlet. Good! (See the story,)

I think Governor Haslam has looked like a real wimp in the way he has handled this.  If he restores power to the protesters, I will have lost all respect for him. 

In celebration of this recent news, I am dedicating this song to Occupy Nashville.

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  1. hi just registered ,, tina

  2. I agree that power should not be provided but, I along with the rest of the middle class, have watched the Republicans occupy public land and buildings while sitting on their fat bottoms using electricity, water, heat and air conditioning provided by tax paying Americans. It's the building that houses Congress!!! Don't get me started on paying for their insurance.
    The single outlet should have been shut off but likewise I would like to shut off access to all the afore mentioned utilities and assets that our lame "all the time" Republicans get to use. It was the Republicans that sent our men and women to two wars without the proper body armor, correct color camo and hum v's that could not withstand an RPG attack let alone an IED.
    I have an idea...why don't you just cut off everyone's electricity? The Republicans have killed more Americans from debt stress and our two wars than Al Qaeda and the Taliban combined!