Monday, December 19, 2011

Nashville to Limit Number of Florist & Set Prices

Legislation had been introduced in the Metro Council to restrict the number of florist and to set prices for flowers. In explaining why he is sponsoring the legislation, Councilman Ben Bought told me, “The Professional Florist Association brought this bill to me and said it was good for their profession and was needed to protect the industry.  I signed it.” 

A florist associated with the PFA, Rosy Stems, explained the need for the bill. “We have seen all of these new florist “shops” spring up in places like Krogers and in little kiosk in shopping malls.  Many of these people aren’t even professional florist; they are just clerks selling flowers.  They operate with low overhead.  How is a professional florist with their free-standing shops and employees and delivery vans going to compete with these people?  It is unfair competition. They are going to drive the professional florist out of business. Many of these people don’t know an orchid from a daisy. It is a disgrace to our profession.”

Daisy Flowers, owners of Daisy’s Sophisticated Floral Design Studio for Rich People in Green Hills said, “Last Valentine’s day, Whole Foods was selling two dozen roses for just $19.99. That is an outrage! A dozen good-quality roses can go for as high as $84.95! A dozen of my most popular roses sell for $34.95. You buy these cheap roses, many of them imported from China, and you don’t know what you are getting.  They may die before you get them home.”

The bill pending in the council would require all new florists to appear before the Florist Regulatory Board and show a need for a new florist shop before being allowed to open a new shop.  Also, all new florist shops would have to be in a dedicated space of at least 850 square feet. The new minimum price for a dozen roses would be $34.95.

“I believe is supporting our businesses,” said Councilman Protect Friends, another supporter of the bill. “This bill has the support of the Chamber and the established floral industry and I am going to support it.”
The above is not real, but it is no different than how the city fixes prices to benefit luxury limousine service and how they squash competition in taxis service.

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  1. One of the most important right that we enjoy as an American, the right to earn an honest living, subject to only to reasonable government regulations. This fundamental right has allowed the Americans to combine their vision and their hard work to purse the American Dream. But unfortunately in Nashville and across the country entrepreneurs' right to finding a way to earn an honest living is under attack from special interest group that wants to use the government power to shut out competition.
    Make no mistake this behavior has nothing to do with protecting public health and safety, and everything to do with protecting existing companies from honest competition.

    This is as outrageous abuse of government power to making rich the industry insiders