Thursday, November 10, 2011

What??? This isn't Occupy. This is a riot for a Pedophile.

I don't get it. Hundreds of Penn State students took to the streets after the ouster of football coach Joe Paterno and rioted.

I didn't understand the Occupy riots but understood they had a left wing political motivation. The Occupy riots are riots to destroy capitalism. The Occupy rioter think they are rioting for a noble cause.

But this? This is a riot to protest the firing of a coach who protected a pedophile. Do they think that this is a noble cause? Are the protesters saying that‘s it’s fine with them that children are being raped by a pedophile? Are these students saying that winning football games is more important than protecting boys as young as ten years old from being sodomized and victimized.

It is sort of like the people who still love the pervert Michale Jackson after learning of his perversion.

I did not understand the Catholic Church rallying behind and protecting pedophile priest. But, Catholics did not take to the streets tuning over vehicles to protest the exposure of pedophile priest.

What the hell is the matter with these people? Are these students rioting in defense of pedophilia or is rioting just fun and they will riot for any cause? This is totally disgusting.  Has our nation sank this low?  Can someone explain this?

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