Friday, September 30, 2011

Guess who's coming to Dinnner.

Wow! You will never guess who invited me to dinner. Well, it is not an invitation exactly, but President Obama wants me to come to dinner. He says we don't have a lot of chances to have dinner together and he wants me to take advantage of this offer to maybe have dinner with him. He says he hopes to see me soon.  What he wants me to do is to enter the lottery to have dinner with him. If I win I don't have to pay for anything. He says, "All you need to bring are your stories and ideas for this campaign and our country — we'll cover your airfare and the meal." It will be an intimate get together, just me and the Prez and three other lottery winners.

Here is my invitation:

 Friend --

Because you and I don't have a lot of chances to have dinner together, I hope you'll take advantage of the one that's coming up this fall.

So if you've been sitting on this, now's the time to toss your name in the hat:

I like these dinners not just because I get to hear from supporters like you, but because they're part of what makes our organization different.

Other campaigns save seats at the table for special-interest PACs and Washington lobbyists -- and you can see the effects in the decisions they make and the priorities they set.

Our campaign rejects all contributions from Washington lobbyists, and we refuse all money from corporate PACs. That means we're accountable only to the people, not special interests.

Instead, we're relying on millions of people like you giving just $3 or whatever you can pitch in.

Hope to see you soon:



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