Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mayor Dean's Front Group Endorses 15 Candidates!

Mayor Karl Dean's "Building Nashville Together" has mailed voters a slick, heavy-duty, full-color piece with a slate of 15 Metro Council Candidates he is endorsing. Dean is not mentioned in the piece nor associated with it in this mailing.  It is paid for by Building Nashville Together, but everyone who is politically aware knows this is Dean's baby.  I got mine when I came home for lunch today.

The whole complete list of pictured candidates is a list of people I would suggest voting against, with the exception of Sandra Moore and that is only because her opponent is such a worthless human being that I think she is the lesser of the two bad choice. These candidates are the Mayor's lapdogs. We do not need 15 rubber stamps in the Metro Council.

Here are the Building Nashville Together picks:
Megan Barry, At-large
Jerry Maynard, At-large
Ronnie Steine, At-large
Brady Banks, District 4
Nancy Vanreece, District 8
Anna Page, District 16
Sandra Moore, District 17
Buddy Baker, District 20
Senna Brandmeir, District 22
Chris Harmon, District 26
Tanaka Vercher, District 28
Fabian Bedne, District 31
Markeith Braden, District 33
Bo Mitchell, District 35

Vote Against these Candidates!

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