Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fix the Deficit: Cut Spending 1% a Year

From Tea

There’s a lot of talk circling Washington about how to balance the budget, and most of these plans are long on rhetoric and short on substance. There is one plan, however, that not only provides achievable short-term benchmarks but also a long-term solution to achieve and maintain a balanced budget.

Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) has introduced the “One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011,” which will reduce the size of the federal budget by 1% a year for six years. This will balance the budget by 2019 and will install a budget cap of 18% of GDP in 2018. It's about time for Congress to dig its way out of debt!

This plan has been co-sponsored by over 50 members of the House of Representatives, and it provides a realistic blueprint to put America back in the black.

As H.R. 1848 makes its way through the legislative process, we need to turn up the heat on Conservatives in Congress to pass it. Immediate spending cuts, combined with a framework to a six-year plan to balance the budget, will provide certainty to the markets. This is a vital first step on the path to economic recovery, and it’s up to you to pressure your Congressmembers to make it happen!
Click here to sign a petition and email a letter to your Senators and Congressman! 

My comment

When  you click where indicated above you will be directed to the website of Tea and you will be invited to make a donation. I think Tea is one of the better national tea party organizations and I give them a little money. If you do not want to donate, there is no obligation. Once on that page, click again where indicated and you will be on the petition page. By people participating in petition drives like this, is one way these national organizations get large mailing list. I see nothing wrong with someone with whom I politically agree having my address. 

Please follow the link and sign the petition. Also, this site makes it real easy to write your two senators and your congressman a letter which will be emailed to them.  You can send the short form letter as written or edit it or write your own. Already 57,890 letters and emails have been sent to Congress advocating the 1% reduction act. When you put in your address and zip code, the system immediately pulls up the names of your Senators and Congressman. This is a very easy and quick way to let your opinion be known. Please do it now!

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