Monday, May 09, 2011

Dave Ramsey Gets Matt Collins Fired

by Matt Collins

I have been a talk radio producer at 99.7 WTN / Cumulus Media since October 2005 until Thursday May 5th 2011. I was the longest running continually employed part-time producer at the station. Even though I have never worked for Dave Ramsey, he brutally and unfairly got me fired regardless of the fact that I was not his employee and did nothing to damage or harm Dave Ramsey or his product. My transgression? I was politely critical of Dave twice in one day on Twitter from my personal account, using my personal computer, and in no way represented or associated myself with my actual employer in my comments or profile. That’s right, Dave sought out my employer and leaned on them to fire me simply because I was minimally and politely vocal about not agreeing with Dave on a political point.(link)

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  1. Rod-
    Ramsey seems to always come off as a nice guy on Fox, but if this is true, Lord what a thin skinned and vindictive dude!

    Happy Trails...

  2. Rod-
    Ditto's on that. I find this PC crap hilarious.

    Ironic though that "Geronimo" turned out to be not "Brave".

    Happy Trails...

  3. Hate that guys show. Not surprised. Wish they'd take him off WMBD radio in Peoria!

  4. His advice is common sense, the problem is that common sense isn't common anymore. His only crime is trying to break the "living beyond your means norm" of today's society.

    His advice took my family from six figure debt to seven figure wealth. We have plenty to give, plenty saved, and we're not counting on the government to feed us in our retirement.

    I'm thankful God led my family to Dave's advice.

    I've heard crying single mothers barely scraping by end a phone call with Dave renewed with hope. Many callers credit his advice with saving their marriage.

    For all I know Matt Collins is one of those people that can't take responsibility for his actions and is just looking for someone to blame. His account of this incident doesn't undo all the great things I've heard and experienced due to Dave.

    Luckily, with 5 million listeners he probably isn't going away soon.